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Polish White Novelys Saphir picture
Polish White Novelys Saphir

Very covering shoepolish. Polish White Novelys Saphir whitens, renovates and embellishes smooth leather as well as the white cloth of sneakers , basketball shoes and golf shoes etc. . Do not overcharge. Remarks: Begin by dusting the leather, Then shake the product, apply and let dry. Rinse the applicator with running water before drying.
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Rénovétine SAPHIR Spray picture
Rénovétine SAPHIR Spray

Renovetine Saphir is the product to care for suede and nubuck leather. Renovetine is enriched with amond oil and nourrishes the leather , re-colours it thanks to the pigments it contains and waterproofs . Also suitable for ‘tex' fabrics. Highly re-coloring formula, but also availablein neutral. Replaces the Suede Nubuck. Remarks : First, brushwith theBeech Brass ...
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Stain Remover Terre De Sommières AVEL picture
Stain Remover Terre De Sommières AVEL

Natural dry stain remover. Exceptionally fine texture which absorbs stains on wood, marble, porous stones, leather, textile and paper...  Its absorbtion power by capillary action is superiour to salt, without drying out the surface.  Remarks: Sprinkle genrously onto the stain immediately after its appearance. Leave to work for a few hours.   Afterwards, clean with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. For ...
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Cleaner SHAMPOO Saphir picture
Cleaner SHAMPOO Saphir

Cleaner SHAMPOO Saphir is a universal cleaner and very efficient on all materials like smooth and velvety leather like suede or nubuck, textiles, crepe, stretch, gore tex and synthetic materials etcPresented as a spray can which liberates a foam, which is very efficientto eliminate deposits and dirt which develop with the dayly use of an object. Cleaner SHAMPOO ...
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Suede and Nubuck Cleaner OMNIDAIM Saphir picture
Suede and Nubuck Cleaner OMNIDAIM Saphir

Unique product for real in-depth cleaning of suede, nubuck, crepe, textiles, stretch and “tex” fabrics,refreshes theoriginal colour. Remarks : To apply the product on shoes and leather goods, use aSpreading Brush SaphirLarge Modelhumidified with tepid water, and an Oval Brush Saphirfor furniture. Brush and rinse, then let dry. Afterwards, brush with a Cleaning Sponge Suede ...
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Textile Cleaner SAPHIR Spray picture
Textile Cleaner SAPHIR Spray

Very powerfull cleaning foam to clean textile, stretch, microfiber and tex fabrics. Suitable for clothes, shoes, bags, suicases...
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