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Polish White Novelys Saphir picture
Polish White Novelys Saphir

Very covering shoepolish. Polish White Novelys Saphir whitens, renovates and embellishes smooth leather as well as the white cloth of sneakers , basketball shoes and golf shoes etc. . Do not overcharge. Remarks: Begin by dusting the leather, Then shake the product, apply and let dry. Rinse the applicator with running water before drying.
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SAPHIR Menthol picture
SAPHIR Menthol

Refreshing spray perfume, to deodorise and purify the air. Also protects your shoes against the effects of perspiration. Remarks : Aluminium container: unlike the majority of products on the market, Saphir spray containers are made of aluminium to guaranty lightness and a perfect conservation in time: no leaks due to oxidation, and no alteration of ...
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Stain Remover Terre De Sommières AVEL picture
Stain Remover Terre De Sommières AVEL

Natural dry stain remover. Exceptionally fine texture powder whichabsorbsstainson wood, marble, porous stones, leather, textile and paper etc. Itsabsorbtionpower by capillary action is superiour to salt, without drying out the surface. If the stain is old and gongealed, it is possible to liquefy it beforehand with the help of Wood Floor & Tile Cleaner/ Grease Remover Louis XIII ...
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Cleaner SHAMPOO Saphir picture
Cleaner SHAMPOO Saphir

Cleaner SHAMPOO Saphir is a universal cleaner and very efficient on all materials like smooth and velvety leather like suede or nubuck, textiles, crepe, stretch, gore tex and synthetic materials etcPresented as a spray can which liberates a foam, which is very efficientto eliminate deposits and dirt which develop with the dayly use of an object. Cleaner SHAMPOO ...
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Deodorizer SHOE DEO saphir picture
Deodorizer SHOE DEO saphir

Deodorises and cleans the interior of shoes. Thanks to the new spray system, SHOE DEO Saphir helps you to care for your shoes more easily. Equipped with a nozzle with 2 openings, you can perfectly treat the entire interior of your shoes with one spraying. Remarks: Shake thoroughly, then unlock, insert in your shoe by placing the ...
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Sneaker Cleaner Saphir picture
Sneaker Cleaner Saphir

SNEAKER CLEANER Saphir has been specially designed to clean sneaker type shoes of any material: leather, suede or nubuck, fabric , synthetics etc. This bi-component product includes a lightly solvented formula with very powerful tensio actives, as well as a foam applicator made in part of soft foam to help easily clean the reliefs and rough patches of ...
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