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Red Gilding Primer LOUIS XIII

Red Gilding Primer Louis XIII is a ready-to-use red mono-component liquid varnish. It's an undercoat for Guilding Varnish, to fill in little holes and imperfections of the surface to be gilded. Red Gilding Primer improves the hold of the gilt and helps to eliminate the porosity of the surface while making it perfectly smooth. It also gives a warmer appearance and depth to the colour of the gilt and adds the impression of a patina aquired with time.

Remarks :
- Solvented dry acrylic resin. 
- Apply in a single coat with a Brush, by soaking or with a spray gun (dilute with white spirit).
- Interior/ exterior use. 
- Average use approx. 100ml/1 m².
- Dilute and clean the brushes with white spirit.
- Shelf life 2 years in the properly closed original container. 
- Density 1.39 that is to say 41.70 grams of product in the bottle.

Capacity :
30 ml
Colour :
Red Undercoat
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