Copper Varnish Vernis CUIVRE Valmour 

Copper Varnish Vernis CUIVRE Valmour
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Paint to give a coppery appearance to all surfaces.
Ready-to-use  and very easy-to-apply formula based on copper particles, which allows to give a true copper appearance to  zinc, PVC, metal, wood glass, stone, plaster, cement, staff etc.
Copper Varnish Vernis CUIVRE Valmour is a monocomponent formula based on solvented acrylic resin and natural copper powder, to be applied without a primer.

This paint is available in 2 color shades: natural copper corresponding to new copper which hasn't yet aquired a patina with the passage of time, and antique copper with a slightly aged copper color.

Copper Varnish Vernis CUIVRE Valmour is available as a spray in 400 ml,

and as a liquid in 500 ml, 2.5  liters and 15 liters, see below.

Available in 15 liters on request, please contact us.

- Before applying on ferrous metal, use STOP RUST Converter Valmour.
- Apply with a Paint Brush or a paint gun, dilute with POLYDILUANT Valmour
(10 to 15% low-pressure and 20% airless-nozzle 1.4 to 1.6 mm).
- In time, this varnish will aquire a patina, like copper, but does not oxidize
- Apply in a single thick coat. 

- Average use 6 m²/liter , corresponding to approx. 15 linear meters of gutter or drain pipe with one can of 500 ml.
- viscosity 20 to 25 seconds in 4 mm ford cut

- Please contact us to order the product in 15 liters.

- For tool cleaning use acetone or POLYDILUANT Valmour.

- Emission classification A+

Available in : 500 ml, 2.5 liters, 15 liters, 400 ml Spray

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