Undercoat permitting the application  of paint on light alloy and non-ferrous metal: aluminium, galvanised metal, stainless steel...

Surfaces must be clean, degreased, derusted, rinsed and dried.
Supplied with a Reactive Thinner which must be mixed with the paint base in a 1:1 ratio.
VALMOUR WASH PRIMER is applied in a single coat with a spray gun or airless.

To improve the adhesion of the finishing paint, it is possible to carry out a levelling operation afterwards. It's not compulsory, but to do so, keep a small amount of Reactive Thinner, enough to soak a fine abrasive paper. Wait 30 minutes, soak the sanding paper and level.

Remarks :
- Application temperature between 5°C and 35°C.
- Ccount approximately 10 m²/kg/coat of 15 to 25 microns.
- Drying time: High pressure 15 minutes, Dry 30 minutes, Hard 4 hours.
- Resistant to 180°C

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