High quality satiny lacquer giving a perfectly smooth hard surface.
ELASTOBOIS is used to decorate interior and exterior  surfaces like wood or metal carpentry, doors, shutters, walls, furniture etc.

Thanks to ist micro-porous structure ELASTOBOIS lets the surface breathe and can therefore be directly applied to the wood.

ELASTOBOIS is a thixotropic paint (its viscosity decreases when stirred and goes back to its initial state afterwards), and can be applied easily without running or splattering.

 Remarks :
- Smooth satiny appearance.
- Interior and exterior use.
- Apply a minimum of 2 coats.
- Clean tools with white spirit.
- Average use approx.8 m² /liter/ coat.
- Can be made to order below by sending us a RAL reference.

Available in : 5 liters, 15 liters

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