VALCOAT Food Compatible Paint VALMOUR 

Coating for all materials in permanent contact with foodstuff, from - 20°C to 100 °C: wine or water tanks, wine press, food truck, earthenware or cast-iron fondue dish etc.
VALCOAT Food Compatible Paint is a solvent-free bi-component epoxy paint which is delivered in a kit containing the paint base and the hardener.
Can be used on metal, stone, concrete, wood, extruded polystyrène, PLA, ABS etc. When applied on the exterior, we recommend to cover with a coat of Protection Varnish OMNIVERNIS Valmour, see below, for perfect protection against UV.

Only 2 colours have been certified: white and basque red.
Available in 1 kg or 2 kg , see below.

- Interior and exterior use.
- Smooth enamelled semi-shiny appearance.
- Very hard resistant finish.
- Resistant to temperatures from - 20°C to 100 °C ( with temperature peaks up to 150 °C).
- Average use 3 - 5 m2/kg.
- For small surfaces, apply with an anti-drop or lacquer roller according to the thickness you want.
- For larger surfaces, use a airless spraygun and add between 2-5 % max. of acetone.
- Apply in one coat, within 30 minutes of mixing.
- Depending on the surface you want to paint, it may be necessary to  apply  Valcoat Valmour Primer before (please consult the advice-card below).
- To clean your tools, use EPOXYDIL Thinner below.
- It is possible to mix the colours we propose (consult the specification sheet below).
- Can be applied on a previous finishing, because this paint is solvent-free. 



Available in : 1 kg, 2 kg

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