STOP RUST Converter Valmour 

STOP RUST Converter Valmour
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Maintenance product for steel and rust. Stops the rust and transforms it into a protective and very decorative deep blue-black coat, which accepts all finishes without primer.
STOP RUST Converter Valmour also allows to decorate new metal by giving it a beautiful "gun barrel" patina. 
This formula deactivates the rust and prevents its participation in the oxydation process. Quick reaction by transforming the iron oxydes into a stable metallo-organic complex of a blue-black colour, which afterwards can be covered with paint, or not. The reaction time is approx 3 hours, without needing to rinse the treated surface afterwards.
Eliminate non-sticking rust before by brushing or sanding.

- Water-based formula, rinse with water.
- Complete and durable protection of the treated surface while preserving the natural appearance of the metal, contrary to other well known protectors (anti-rust paint, anti-rust lacquer...).
- Rust will degrade to the detriment of the product, therefore the protection is proportional to the number of coats applied.
- Action time = approx. 3 hours. Wait for 48 hours before covering.
- Average use approx. 15 m2/litre.
To control the more or less dark appearance given by the Stop Rust Converter Valmour, we recommend to apply it with a Paint Brush and wipe it immediately afterwards with Cotton Stock Louis XIII below.



Available in : 0.25 liter, 5 liters

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