Judean Bitumen Louis XIII 

Antique sheen for gildings, plaster, alabaster, paintings, metal etc.
Judean Bitumen Louis XIII has a deep gold brown colour and helps to reproduce the aging and sheen aquired with the passing of time by shading the flat surfaces and darkening the hollows and mouldings of sculptures. Judean Bitumen Louis XIII is also suitable for gilt leaf, resin, terra cotta, earthenware etc.
Instructions for use: lightly moisten a ball of Cotton Stock Louis XIII or a Brush, Apply onto the area you want to age, then wipe off the parts which are too dark before drying with a Varnish and Wax Applicator Pad Louis XIII. Let dry.
Use white spirit to dilute the product and to clean the tools.

Remarks :
- Dry in 2 hours.
- To lighten, dilute the product with white spirit.

Available in : 125 ml, 5 Liter

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