General Sales Conditions

Article 1 - Definitions

The Customer:
You, the person buying products.
Valmour :
Us, the Seller of the products, as identified on your invoice.
The WebSite :
website « »
Confirmation of order:
Acknowledgement of receipt of your order sent by Valmour.
Price :
Selling price indicated in the order confirmation.
Product :
as  described in the order confirmation
Electronic mail :
Delivery time :
short, from reception by the Customer of the Order Confirmation
registered letter with receipt acknowledgement.

Article 2 - General Terms

The connection to the website implies approval of these General Sales Conditions. Any order sent to Valmour SARL will be governed by these General Sales Conditions. The present General Sales Conditions can be changed at any time, we invite the Customers to re-read them attentively before every purchase.
These General Sales Conditions apply to both sales and announcements made by Valmour both on the internet and verbally. The customer acknowledges these General Sales Conditions when he validates his online order or by payment in the case of a direct order (by telephone or by mail order). The Customer thereby renounces of take advantage of any contradictory document and in particular of his own General Purchase Conditions.
The website, the source code, the texts, the photos and others characteristics are the exclusif ownership of Valmour S.A.R.L.
It is forbidden to duplicate, copy, download for aims of commercial purposes, all or a part of the website and/or its content.
The downloading of pictures, technical forms and tarif conditions is allowed for personal use.
The photos , specifications and colours of products shown on the websites do not have contractual value.
Our services are reserved for the persons legally capable of suscribing contracts under French law.

Article 3 - Estimates

Only the written quotes are valid, for the indicated period. If not indicated, the period lasts  ten days.

Article 4 - Orders

Orders can be placed in 4 differents manners :

      • by internet on our Website : « » 24H/24 et 7d/7

      • by telephone the                  from 10h00 to 12h00 and from 14h00 to 16h00,

      • by electronic mail to the following address :

      • by post with your order and payment to the following address :
        Orders Valmour
        Carrefour de Lombre
        16320 MAGNAC LAVALETTE

On the Website : after selection of the products and validation of his basket, the customer chooses his payment method. The order sent by the Customer is accepted by Valmour after validation of the payment ; by our banking partner for the payments by credit card, and by Valmour in case of payment by bank transfer or cheque.
Orders are binding for Valmour only after dispatch of an Order Confirmation by Valmour by electronic mail. The delay depends on the verification. Then, the dispatching procedure for  your order is launched.
In case of refusal  of our banking partner or of non-reception of a cheque within eight days, the order is cancelled. The Customer is then notified by electronic mail.
Valmour reserves the right to cancel an order, for example due to stock shortage. The proposal to delay the order, and therefore the payment is notified to the Customer by electronic mail.
On request, the Customer can receive an invoice made out to the delivery address.
No cancellation of an order can be accepted after consignment of the parcel.

Article 5 - Delivery

Delivery can be made only in exchange for the signature of the addressee of the parcel. Therefore a parcel cannot be deposited under any circumstances at the delivery site in case of absence of the addressee. Should this be the case, the deliveryman leaves an notificacion of delivery with his coordinates and the customer agrees to re-contact him for a second delivery, free of change. Without any news from the customer, the parcel will be at his disposal for 6 days at the carrier's and afterwards will be returned to Valmour. The Customer agrees therefore to take delivery of his parcel or to collect it at our carrier's.

Article 6 - Reservation of ownership

In case of dispute concerning the payment, even after a first partial payment, it is agreed that Valmour retains ownership of the delivered goods until complete payment of their price, in accordance with the law n° 80-335 of May 12th, 1980 and articles 115 alineas 2 and 122 with the law n° 85-98 of January 25th, 1985.
Risks of loss or deterioration are transferred to the purchaser as from delivery.

Article 7 - Prices

The prices indicated on the product specifications are TTC (all taxes included) and only in euros. Unless otherwise indicated, prices do not include the cost of carriage or delivery, in particular the transport. The final and complete prices are indicated in the Order Confirmation.
Payments made by the Customer, notably in case of credit terms, are not deposits but down payments.
No cash discount is granted.
In the case of a delay in payment of all or part of the Price an interest charge of 1.5 times the lawful rate will be due at the expiry date and without prior notice.
Valmour reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without notice.

Article 8 - Customer Loyalty

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. Therefore Valmour has selected for you the best products only and appropriate advice, and would like to reward you for your fidelity by offering the following four moneysaving possibilities:

      • Degressive prices which allow you to reduce the price of an item if you order several. During the display of the product page you can change the quantity and immediately see the saving that you can make by ordering several products. When you are ready to validate your basket you still have the possibility to change the quantity and take advantage of the discount.

      • The carriage fees which are offered once your order attains a certain amount which can vary and which is indicated on the site.

      • The reductions vouchers which you cumulate at the rate of 5€ for every 150€ of purchase, to be automatically deducted from the next order if it attains twice the value of the voucher. These reductions vouchers will be granted once the payment of your order has been recorded by our services.

      • Promotional codes from time to time.

Article 9 - General Obligations of parties

Obligations of Valmour :

      • Valmour agrees to deliver to the Customer, once the order has been con firmed, the products and services ordered within a delay which can vary according to the carrier's delays, the availability of the product and the realization of the ordered services. Valmour will do everything in its power to ensure that the parcel will leave within 48 hours following the order. This delay is given only for information ; no compensation can be asked of Valmour for not respecting the delay, within a limit of thirty working days in metroplitan France. Beyond this delay, the Customer has the right, in accordance with the law, to ask for a refund of his order and receive late interest calculated according to the lawful rate of interest.

      • If a delivery does not correspond to the order in quantity, and on condition that this error is indicated to the carrier and written on the delivery note, Valmour agrees to make a complementary free delivery for the quantity not delivered, except if the Customer wants to be reimbursed for the non-delivered quantity.

      • If a delivery does not correspond in quality (wrong or damaged products),the parcel must be refused.The carrier sees to returning the parcel to the shipper, and the order is immediately re-prepared and sent.

      • However, we draw the attention of our kind clientele to the fact that Valmour sells products, not packaging. The packaging is designed to protect the products, and can therefore get damaged if submitted to shock to the benefit of the product. They are called lost packaging because they are not intended for any decorative function once the contents are used. As a result, damaged packaging can not be compensated for in any way if the contents are not deteriorated and have been used as specified in its product sheet.

      • Under conditions provided by article L 114.1 of the Consumer Protection Code, the customer can denounce the contract by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt in case of delivery delays of more than seven working days, except if the dispatching has occurred before the reception of this registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. However, in case of impossibility to deliver all or part of the order within seven working days, Valmour agrees to inform the Customer by electronic mail and to follow his instructions.

Obligations of the Customer :

      • The Customer agrees to communicate with his order a valid address, a valid telephone number for the carrier and a valid e-mail address for the order confirmation.

      • The Customer agrees to pay any customs duties, taxes, or costs due under the legislation of the country in which delivery is made .

      • The responsability of Valmour ends when the products are handed over to the carrier. The products always travel at the risk and peril of the addressee. Any claim for error or shortage of the goods or deterioration will be accepted only provided that a reservation is made to the carrier on reception of the parcel and that it is confirmed by a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours of reception.

      • The Customer is responsable for his own choice of products and of its adequacy concerning the use he intends to make of them, as well as of his telephone and mail expenses when he contacts Valmour.

      • If the Customer wants a precise delay for delivery, he must contact Valmour by electronic mail. Valmour will study his request and possibly give a positive answer.

      • The Customer must take all reasonables measures to take possession of his delivery. He agrees to have a letter box accessible to every carrier other than the Post Office for the deposit of a notification of delivery. If this is not possible, the Customer must indicate another valid delivery address such as a neighbour, or a shop. In the case of the return of a parcel due to unaccessibility of the letter box by the carrier and with no reply to letters or phone messages from the carrier, the parcel will be re-sent for a flat-rate cost of 15.00 € to the charge of the customer. In the case of difficult access to the delivery address, we recommend that you request delivery to a neighbour or a shop that you know well.

      • In the case of faulty products the Customer agrees to return the goods at his own charge to the shipper. Valmour will reimburse the product, the delivery cost and the possible damage after analysis, or will proceed to the exchange of the goods.

Article 10 - Responsability

Valmour will never be responsible for damages due to latent defects (articles 1625 and following of the civil code), under any circumstances, and a fortiori if Valmour did not know them, nor be responsible for damages caused to property for use and private consumption (articles 1643 and 1386.15 of the civil code).
Valmour will not be held responsible for damages linked to the use of the internet network.
Should  the responsibility of Valmour be engaged, the amounts due will not exceed the selling price of the product.

Article 11 - Guarantee

The AVEL company, manufacturer of the Pigmenting Cream, consents to a guarantee in the case of non compatibility of the product with the leather of the customer, subject to the condition that a sample of at least 1cm² has been previously provided to the laboratory of the AVEL company in order to test the compatibility of the product and to validate the choice of the colour. Under these conditions, and as is specified on the packaging of the Pigmenting Cream, AVEL promises to reimburse the customer for this Cream after reception of the product by registered post and proof of payment.

Article 12 - Legal Retraction

According to article L 121 of the Consumer Code, the Customer/consumer has a legal right of retraction of seven clear days from the reception of the order. This right is subject to the return of the new complete Products, with documents and accessories, and in its original packaging, without having to provide any motive or payments, except the cost of return and the original delivery cost if this was offered. Excluded from the right of retraction are Special orders made according to the customer's specifications.

Article 13 - Convention on proof

The Customer acknowledges the admissibility as pieces of evidence of computer recordings, statements and computer print-outs and other electronic supports, particularly in case of any disagreement which could arise from default of the present conditions by one of the Parties.

Article 14 - Use of collected informations

The information communicated by the Customer or the visitor of the website are subject to computer processing by Valmour. This file is declared to the CNIL in accordance with the law of January 6th, 1978 and recorded under the number 1139150. This information is confidential and reserved to Valmour and its providers for the treatment of your orders.
The law « Computer Science and Freedom » of January 6th, 1978 grants to the Customer a right of access  and correction of personal information which he communicates to treat his order.
In case of subsription to the Valmour news letter , the Customer will receive from time to time our commercial offers and product informations via electronic mail. The Customer can cancel his subscribtion at any time.
Valmour's responsability is not engaged concerning the links towards other websites present on the site and in particular concerning their practices and rules on confidentiality.

Article 15 - Litigation

These present General Sales Conditions are subject to French law and under the sole jurisdiction of the professional and commercial court of Tours. In case of litigation only the French courts are qualified. If a clause of the General Sales Conditions is declared void by a court, no other part of the conditions is affected.
The Customer, as well as Valmour, cannot be held responsible for nonfulfilment of the  contract concluded when passing an order because of events out of his control such as strikes, terrorist acts, wars, riots, natural disasters, problems affecting our suppliers...

Valmour is happy to count you among its customers.
Janvier 2006 Copyright Valmour S.A.R.L (Siret : 48271267600022).