Diamond Knife Sharpener

Diamond Knife Sharpener
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Knife sharpener based on diamond powder.
Perfect sharpening thanks to the exceptional hardness of diamants. For best results, use in the sense perpendicular to the blade to recreate a microdenture.

Remarks :
- Place the side "400#" at an angle of 45° in relation to the blade you want to sharpen.

- Apply with pressure to the blade and move the tool  back and forth along the blade and on both sides of it.

- Repeat the operation with the 600# side without pressure, only with the weight of the tool.

- Afterwards, rub your blade on a piece of leather (flesh side) to straighten the edge.

- To finish, slide your blade across the fibers of a piece of wood (or your fingers) to eliminate any metal particle residue.
- this sharpener is designed for the maintenance of our knives

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