Acrylic Wood Finish Louis XIII 

Solvent-free anti-stain pore filler for wood.                                
Acrylic Wood Finish Louis XIII is  the ideal undercoat for wooden surfaces to be waxed or varnished.                                                                         
It fixes the tint, hardens the wood fibers and protects the treated wood against water stains, alcohol... Afterwards it allows an easier to obtain and more beautiful and resitant varnished or waxed finish.                       
Apply in 2 coats with the help of a flat and supple Brush.                     
Sand down lightly after drying.

Remarks :                                                                             - Odourless.                                                                                         
- Neutral.
- Replaces Insolating Wood Finish Louis XIII with solvent and the Undercoat For To be Waxed Floors Louis XIII
- Average use 15 m²/liter/coat.                                                               
- Can be covered after 3 hours.
- Cleaning of equipment with water                                                                - Available in 500 ml or 5 liters, choose below.



Available in : 500 ml, 500 ml

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