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Special High Temperature Paint for protecting all metal pieces made of cast iron, iron, steel, bronze etc. (stovepipe, boiler, firebacks, firedogs etc.) or wood, stone, terra cotta etc.

- Interior/exterior.
- Satiny shiny appearance.
- Resists to 180°C and to temperature peaks of up to 280°C.
- Apply in a single coat with a Brush.
- If the metal is rusty, treat with  STOP RUST Converter before, see below.
- Can be applied with a spray gun (dilute at 10% with DILUVAL or white spirit).
- Average use approx. 10 m²/liter/coat.
- Cleaning of material with DILUVAL, see below, or with white spirit.
- On aluminium, avoid application of an undercoat (possible loss of HT properties ), but pickle the metal with our Pickling Liquid VALMOUR below.
- Mechanical sanding on stainless steel (with 120 grain sandpaper).

 Registered in 1872, TOLEMAIL® is one of the oldest brands of the market, and is very well known amongst the professionals. 
A few dates :

- 1872 : launching of Tolemail Black (280°C)
- 1911 : launching of Tolemail Silver HT (750°C)
- 1949 : launching of Tolemail Gilding
- 1996 : launching of Tolemail Special Ironwork (marine quality)

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