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SHOE STRETCHER Length/Width for Men
Give relief to your feet with the help of this Reshaping Adjustable Shoe Tree
made of beech. Can be adjusted on 2 axis length /width for maximum efficiency ! 

Instructions for use
- Attach the included 3 black plastic parts to the area of the stretcher corresponding to where your shoe hurts (optional). 
- Insert the stretcher in your shoe, 
- To add length-wise tension turn the screw. 
- To add tension in the sense of width, rotate the hook. 

Remarks :
- Sold individually, suitable for right and left foot.
- Metal threaded rod and nut to adjust the width.
- Hard plastic threaded rod and metal nut to adjust the length.
- Set of 3 plastic pieces for stretching included.
- Not suitable for shoes with high heels.  
- Width of the front part ( + 2 cm once opened):

     . 39.0-41.5 = 8.0 cm
     . 42.0-44.0 = 8.5 cm
     . 44.5-47.0 = 9.0 cm
     . 47.5-49.0 = 9.5 cm

- Increase the efficiency of this stretcher by using Leather Softener SHOE EZE Saphir, below. Spray into and onto to the shoe to soften the leather and help the reshaping action of the shoe stretcher.


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