Pigmenting Cream Fixing Liquid AVEL 

Pigmenting Cream Fixing Liquid AVEL
Pigmenting Cream Fixing Liquid is only appropriate to fix Pigmenting Cream AVEL.
Essential for in-depth sealing of the cream in the leather pores, to obtain lasting colour and prevent any colour discharge. 
Pigmenting Cream Fixing  Liquid is formulated for leather and can be applied without risk of drying it out or obstructing its pores.

- New aqueous formula less shiny and solvent-free !
- Shake very thoroughly before use (stir if possible).
- You'll need approx. 125 ml /seat  = 2 seats per bottle of Fixing Liquid.
- Let dry the Pigmenting Cream AVEL before applying the fixing liquid.
- Apply with a Foam Applicator Pad or with a sponge which have been humidified with water beforehand.
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