Offer a Gift Voucher !

Offer a Gift Voucher !
Offer these gift vouchers to the person of your choice!!!
With these vouchers the beneficiary will be able to buy whatever he wants in our catalogue.
Proceed as follows:
- Select a price bracket and its quantity and add it to your shopping basket.
- Confirm your shopping basket and afterwards connect to your client account, if you haven't done so before, or create a client account.
- A window will open after confirmation of your basket, and you can register the names of the beneficiaries of your choice. The amount you order will be equally distributed among the beneficiaries you inscribe and added to their client account. If they don't yet have a client account, one will be crated for them with the informations you registered.
- You can decide to inform them yourself or ask us to do it by ticking the corresponding box . 

Available in : 30 €, 50 €, 80 €, 100 €

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