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Professional quality anti-moss concentrate, to regenerate with water . NOXICLEAN is particularly rich in active matter and radically efficient agaist moss, algae, lichen and fungus which conserve humidity and therefore deteriorate the material on which they develop.
Can be applied on all porous surfaces: roofs made of shingle, slate, concrete, cement fibres etc, pavement, brick, stone, cement, coating or roughcast on façades etc.
Its exclusive formula is based on quarternary ammonia allowing important microbicide activity, as well as having remarkable tensioactive properties to provide excellent penetration.
NOXICLEAN Concentrate is the only product on the market also containing OIT, for essential remanence.  
This product is free of organometallic and organoarsenic components, which are dangerous for your health and the environment.

Remarks :
- Dilute with 9 volumes of water.
- Use while the weather is dry, no rain during the 2 hours following the treatment,
- Average use approx. 5 m²/liter of regenerated product, that is to say 50 m² per canister of concentrated product.
- Long-lasting curative and preventive action.
- Apply with the Duster below.
- Ph 6-8 (20 °C)
- Does not alter the treated surfaces.
- Exclusive formula corresponding to directive 98/8/CE.
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